Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 days

10 days to pack up the rest of our things. it's getting pretty empty in here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cross Country Eats

While selling off 85% of the things I own and finding time to see and visit with all my dear friends and family, I am also thinking long and hard about how and what we will be eating while driving for 4 days. I am starting to stockpile a few items here and there and make grocery lists to ensure that I am not at the mercy of convenience stores and fast food while making our way to Washington.

So far my list consists of:
-individually packaged rice milk (for elias to sip on, for cereal or oatmeal offered at the hotels we stay at)
-raw almonds
-a bag of apples
-some larabars
-bag of carrots
-homemade trail mix
-my friend Kathrine who own/runs Wild Flours is making me some homemade organic vegan bread and muffins!!!
-Oskri organic coconut bars - these are elias' new favorite snack, which he refers to as "cheesy bars"
-a few containers of applesauce from Materne
-a couple bags of ginger slices - for any car sickness

I am thinking maybe some peanut butter, veg sandwich slices, lots of water, rice cakes.....
any ideas are welcome!

I also have downloaded several apps to locate healthy restaurants or the random Whole foods or Trader Joes.